Lake Retreat

I wish I could say that I got TONS of work done this weekend. I didn’t, but I had a great weekend none the less. My husband was participating in the Chelan Century Challenge cycling event in Eastern Washington. This is my 2nd time going and his 3rd. It’s a cute little lakeside town, Lake Chelan, and it’s full of great shops and restaurants.

The team was up at 5:45 in the morning and left the condos at 6:45 to start the ride and get a team photo. I stayed up and saw the hubby off. I wanted to go back to sleep, but was wide awake.

The team has a potluck dinner and I had made my turkey meatballs, which go over very well. I had also made some delicious carmelitas. My task that morning was to make the apple cakes. i decided to make 2 as they are so delicious that I knew my husband and I would eat at least 1 piece each and wanted to have some for everyone else to try. Here’s the result of my early morning endeavors.


After they were both cooling I could finally leave the condo and explore the town and of course wait for my husband to finish the 2nd leg of the ride.

Ever the worrier, I decided to play it safe and wait at the park instead of exploring first. I bought a folding seat and parked myself under a tree in the shade. i knew that he would be riding past this spot to get to the start/finish line. I read for a while and it was glorious. I hadn’t taken the time to sit and read like that in a while. I highly recommend it, we as writers have to do that right? It’s part of our job and development.

My husband has been having some back problems so after the 2nd leg he was done for the day. Here he is looking very pro-cyclist I think! However, in pain hence the lack of a smile.


He was spent and in pain. I am proud he attempted it and that he made it through the 2nd leg! Also, the fact that he realized he should stop to prevent further injury or pain. Great job honey!!!

I also managed to score some fantastic goodies and 2 local bookshops along the way!

FullSizeRender 13

All in all a very successful trip I think! The potluck was great and I didn’t think about calories the entire time. I am most certainly back on the salad train starting today!

Happy writing!

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