A time traveling bear adventure

So I asked my husband for a topic to write flash fiction on. This is what he gave me: Treehouse Time travel bear.

Here it is, stream of consciousness, unedited except for spelling. I will edit it this week and revisit it in tomorrow’s post.

“How did I get up here?” Bernie growled. He was on the floor, his head hanging over the edge. He looked straight down about 20 feet. He scooted back and something rough scratched his back side. He roared. Arching his back he smelled blood, but he resisted the urge to lick his wound clean. He didn’t know how he ended up in this treehouse.

Bernie struggled to stand. He muscles were stiff his fur was sweaty and stuck to his body. With some vigorous shakes the hair stood at attention. He looked around and saw stairs that wound out of view. He pointed his nose up and took a big whiff of air. He didn’t smell another soul in this tree, “Thank Grond.” He growled.

He padded to the stairs and scanned back and forth making sure that no bear surprised him. The stairs creaked as his bulky frame ascended, he saw a glow up ahead.

Each step seem to take forever to bring him closer to a potential escape. Bernie didn’t like heights, he never climbed trees. This was the cruel joke of the overlords. He would never be able to repay them for their trick if he couldn’t get out of here.

A heavy groan from the remaining few steps and the tree shook, leaves cascading down on him. A small branch with a nest landed on his head and he hear little tweets as it skidded off the ledge. He watched is fall away and a sense of doom came over him.

“You will not fall out of this tree Bernie, you will not.” He growled aloud, he didn’t care if he alerted someone to his presence, his sanity was more important.

“Get it together.” He grunted. He shook his head, trying to focus on the door up ahead.

He lifted one paw gingerly and pushed the scrolled handle down revealing the light it was holding in. This was the place, he just had to press that button and he’d be home in a matter of seconds.

The tree shook again and the whole house shifted beneath him and he tumbled into the room end over end slamming into the wall opposite him. He felt it list and he couldn’t claw his way away from it, his nails sliding on the wood floor.

Bernie finally dug in and despite the pain, pulled himself with all his might toward the button that now lay on the floor. The house tilted more and Bernie clenched as he was being sucked back to the wall.

“No!” He wasn’t going to go down that easy! He dangled by one claw as he summoned the strength to swing up closer toward his target. He swung once, then twice and on the third time swung up and the house let loose and down he was falling. The entire house falling toward the earth.

Bernie didn’t scream, he didn’t have the energy to scream. He was still holding on for dear life and the hope he could survive this mess.

Something slid toward him and hit him square in the nose. He roared and choked on something hard that fell into his mouth.

The button! He squeezed his mouth shut, careful not to crush it or bite through it. A bright orange glow surrounded him just as the house hit solid ground and disintegrated.

Bernie woke up in a meadow, his claws firmly embedded in the grassy knoll he was sprawled on. He blinked quickly, taking in his surroundings.

This looked familiar, this looked like home. What time was it he wondered?

“You made it!” Excitement and joy evident in the voice.

Bernie jerked his head around and saw Ned with his big hairy paw raised, ready to high five Bernie. “What?”

“Dude, you did it! How do you feel?”

Bernie shook his head and remembered the events from the last few minutes. They had been testing the time transition device. They were testing it to see for themselves the limits of this device. Bernie knew now that it worked in stressful situations and by having it in a damp location.

“Well, I am a little freaked. I just about died in that blasted treehouse!”

“Man I wish I could have seen it, but it was so awesome to see you just pop up right here!” Perry stood there his paw still in the air waiting for his high five.  “It worked man!”

“Yeah it worked.” Bernie agreed, “But we need to be better about the location it drops us off in.”

“Noted. We’ll put it in the report. Sergeant will want to debrief you.”

“Of course.” Bernie realized he still had his claws to the hilt in the soil. He relaxed and retracted his claws and shook off the wood and dust that he brought back with him. He came to his full height and looked down at Perry. Perry’s goofy grin brought Bernie out of his bad mood.

Bernie clasped paws with Perry and he pulled him into a bear hug.

The life of a time traveling grizzly explorer is never done, he thought. He would enjoy this success, but he knew there would be another test soon. He would be the time traveling bear for it!

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