Perhaps I should have said, I am taking a break tomorrow. I completely forgot to post anything today like I promised, so here I am frantically writing something.

I was so distracted because I hadn’t received the results of my first assessment for my very first class. I was in a funk all morning, I was convinced that I didn’t pass.

I couldn’t figure out if I should study my notes again or move onto the other class. I chose to freeze and watch Downton Abbey all day. finally I got my butt up and pulled together. the email finally came when I went for a drive and wasn’t checking my phone every two seconds.

I am happy to report that this old dog can learn some new tricks and passed her first class!

Perhaps I will get some writing done tonight….I am hearing the call of Time Bear and need to spend some time with Bernie the Bear and add to his adventures.

Till then, happy writing!!

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