My week…

I wrote my first essay in 20+ years. Seems like I would have written one somewhere in that time frame, but I never did. I had to write a Literacy Narrative essay. It was to be about a significant time in my life relating to reading or writing. I chose writing obviously! I thought that […]

Glorious Friday

Today marks the 1st Friday in 14 years that I am not working retail! I am dubbing it Glorious Friday! I don’t know if anyone else had called it that, but I don’t care! Glorious Friday! How did I celebrate this? Not shopping I can tell you that! I celebrated with my husband by watching […]

Time Bear update

I realized the other day that writing Time Bear wasn’t fun anymore. I still loved the original story that started the journey, but everything else was feeling forced. I have decided to scrap most of what I have written already and make this more of a middle grade novel not YA/Adult. I want to capture […]

Reading like a fiend!

I am reading so much lately and it feels so good! I have had to read a lot for school, but I am also taking the time to read for pleasure. I have read my book club book already, The Flamboya Tree by Clara Kelly. I highly recommend this book, it’s a fast read, but […]


Perhaps I should have said, I am taking a break tomorrow. I completely forgot to post anything today like I promised, so here I am frantically writing something. I was so distracted because I hadn’t received the results of my first assessment for my very first class. I was in a funk all morning, I […]

Taking a break today…

I am taking a break today, getting ready for my first big final or assessment as WGU calls them! Trying to stay calm and remember that I know this stuff. Will be back tomorrow with more excerpts or something else 🙂   Happy writing! 🙂

What to do with myself

So begins the 1st day of my journey. I sit here staring at the screen wondering what to write. Time ticks by while Downton Abbey plays in the background. I have watched it so much I know exactly what’s going on by the dialogue. Today, I am going to the movies with my mom, something […]

It’s finally here…..last day.

My retail adventure comes to a close today. I have been in the business some 20 years or so. I have loved it for what it brought me; it kept a roof over my head, family fed and got me out of my shell. I have also hated it; sore feet, mean customers, no holidays […]

Winds of change

Bad weather is coming and everyone is “batten-ing down the hatches”, so to speak. A friend texted me that the local Costco was well over 10 thousand dollars due to the worry of the impending storm. I won’t let the weather dampen my spirit, no pun intended. I have 2 more days at work and by […]