Time Bear Halloween

“What in the heck are you dressed as?” Ned stared at Bernie. He was surprised he could get those words out. “Isn’t it obvious?” Bernie posed, did a little runway walk and pivoted. He popped his head around and gave a growl. “That is the most frightening thing I have ever seen.” “Oh come on […]

Roche Harbor (ex.6)

Marianna was sitting at her desk reading World without End. “Straying from the classics I see?” Mariana smiled. “If we limit ourselves to the classics, we fail to recognize new classics in our midst.” “Like Sam’s magnum opus.” James stated as he took his usual seat next to Sam. “Speaking of, how did the writing […]

Roche Harbor (ex.5)

“Richard is outside waiting to take us.” James announced two pieces of bacon in his hand and one dangling from his lips. “Let’s go if you want to get your tea in time to make first period.” “Where’d you get those?” “Your mom left them in the oven with some pancakes. I heated them up […]

Roche Harbor (ex. 4)

“You mean you’re all nosey as hell.” “That’s a rude way of saying it, but yes. Nosey is about right.” Sam smiled at him. “Perhaps you should call your mother as well and let her know that you are spending the afternoon at the Coen’s. SHe will be worried will she not?” Sam scowled. “I […]

Roche Harbor (ex. 3)

The car was already there when Sam arrived. James had left the door open and Sam hopped in before the wind blew the rain sideways into the car. “Miss Samantha. How are you this morning?” Richard, their driver, butler and all around handler asked. “Peachy keen, Richie my boy.” Richard smirked and pulled out of […]

Roche Harbor (ex.2)

Another excerpt from Roche Harbor   “Do you think we are gonna have class today, this storm is kicking up a lot out there?” “Well, as far as I can tell, yes. You have somewhere else you need to be today?” Sam shook her head and looked out the window. Marianna could tell that something was […]

Time Bear #36

“Bernie? It’s you isn’t it?” There was a flash of recognition and Bernie thought he was happy to see him, but that was quickly gone. It was replaced with anger, it oozed from him. Bernie took a step back, sniffing the air. It was familiar, he sniffed again and the scent of dirt, sweat and […]

Time Bear #35

When Bernie completed his first jump in the jump cave, Ned was ecstatic. He knew it would work, but getting confirmation was amazing. When Bernie returned ten minutes later in one piece he was even more elated. “Yeeesss!” Ned jumped onto the cat tree he recommissioned as his home away from home when he stayed […]

Time Bear #34

Koalas were a trustworthy marsupial and Ned enlisted many to set up on this lair. Bernie was trustworthy, but at this stage he would have been useless. Piece by piece they brought in the equipment on carts driven by yaks. Their large frames easily transported the electronics. They more than compensated for their small frames. […]