Poetry Thursday

Back and forth, back and forth we go. Oh just stop, we know where this is going.   To and fro, to and fro we know. It’s come to a head, still we are dancing.   Up and down, up and down and around. Around the bend, we are finished.  

Saying goodbye- poetry Thursday

  Someday we’ll say goodbye part ways and wish each other well thank you for the opportunity.   You allowed me to learn who I am to mature and grow. better than any school I could have paid for.   I know who I want to be without you. It’s time to move on to […]

Thursday Poetry

Where are you? Why aren’t you near me? Don’t hide from me   What have I done? How can I fix it? Please see me   Who are you with? What do they mean? I don’t know what to do.  

Poetry Corner

Overwhelmed   Let it be done I want it finished. Can we move on? Begin again.   I try not to care Let myself down. Do I do that for all? I’ll try again.   Climbing on up clamoring on three more months I tell myself It’ll all be through.

Doubt- a poem

Doubt   I look for you in everything Worried you’ll return Need to know who you were Worried I’m just like you.   Sharing similar interests Will I take joy in them again Coming up with excuses Can I do this anymore?   I need to move forward Don’t want to dread The coming flood of […]

Poetry corner

I’ve been writing some poetry again. Here’s another little po-em for your enjoyment.   Somedays no cooperation, no drive Others there’s excitement, no fear You push me to be better, no regrets I tell you I am fine, no denials   Months fly by, lots to learn Inside there’s calm, lots of joy Outside has […]

A little ditty

I stare at you, you stare back No message, no response for me I have nothing for you, do you care? Does it bother you, to know you’re empty? To know you are neglected, abandoned for sloth Left to your own devices, to wear yourself down. One day I will fill you, make you whole […]

Get out there

Need to get myself out there. Out there with you. I need to put myself in the line of fire, your words the bullets. Hope that I will not fall. Wounds that will open. But I will heal, I will survive, I have to don’t I? It took a while last time. Words planted seeds […]