Waiting Outside (WIP) No.2

“Monty! My friend, what are you doing here again?” Monty stiffened, he pulled his gaze away from the tv and met Vince’s cold eyes. “Hi Vince. I was just pa-passing by. Have a good day.” “Aww, that anyway to treat a old pal?” He grabbed the scruff of Monty’s coat and escorted him to the […]

Waiting outside (WIP) No.1

This is taking too much time, he thought. Looking around to see if anyone notice him swaying back and forth, he stopped when the hot dog vendor stopped mid squirt of ketchup. He gave him a half smile and tried to lean against the side of the building nonchalantly. A rounded column met him and […]

WIP- That’s something

This was supposed to be an entry into the story contest at Write on the Sound, but I forgot about it and here’s what there is of this abandoned & unfinished story.   I killed her and I almost killed him too. This is my town, mine! I wasn’t going to let them ruin the […]

Time bear

Working on a little more description of Bernie’s life and apartment. A little free writing morning. Enjoy!   Bernie launched himself onto his bed, some leaves puffed out from the sack and floated onto his back. He rolled onto his back, his legs flopped to the sides. The light breeze coming in from the ventilation […]

The Daily Grind- flash fiction Tuesday

The Daily Grind “It’s not perfect, it’s not right!” “What do you mean it’s not right?” Alex asked, perplexed at her comment. “You see here, that seam is crooked.” Alex looked at the seam she was pointing at, it was straight. If he were to hold a level to it, it would be spot on. […]

Bugs attack- excerpt

Bob shook his head and walked back into the living room. He plopped himself back into his chair waiting for his dinner. ** After dinner was cleaned up and everything was ready for the next day. Benji laid down on his bed with the fan directly on him. He wore nothing, it was the only […]

Get out there

Need to get myself out there. Out there with you. I need to put myself in the line of fire, your words the bullets. Hope that I will not fall. Wounds that will open. But I will heal, I will survive, I have to don’t I? It took a while last time. Words planted seeds […]