Perhaps I should have said, I am taking a break tomorrow. I completely forgot to post anything today like I promised, so here I am frantically writing something. I was so distracted because I hadn’t received the results of my first assessment for my very first class. I was in a funk all morning, I […]

Taking a break today…

I am taking a break today, getting ready for my first big final or assessment as WGU calls them! Trying to stay calm and remember that I know this stuff. Will be back tomorrow with more excerpts or something else 🙂   Happy writing! 🙂

What to do with myself

So begins the 1st day of my journey. I sit here staring at the screen wondering what to write. Time ticks by while Downton Abbey plays in the background. I have watched it so much I know exactly what’s going on by the dialogue. Today, I am going to the movies with my mom, something […]

It’s finally here…..last day.

My retail adventure comes to a close today. I have been in the business some 20 years or so. I have loved it for what it brought me; it kept a roof over my head, family fed and got me out of my shell. I have also hated it; sore feet, mean customers, no holidays […]

Intro to Business

I am surprised by how easy the reading for my business class is. I thought it would be mind numbing, but I am actually enjoying it! I went to bed last night with acts of this, that and the other swimming around in my head. I even had my flashcards on my bed side table, […]

Counting the days

As some of the anxiety wanes, the excitement builds and I find that I am literally counting the days till I am done with work. There are aspects that I will miss and mostly those are the fun conversations that I have with co-workers. Also, the times where I actually get to just help a […]