Time Bear update

I realized the other day that writing Time Bear wasn’t fun anymore. I still loved the original story that started the journey, but everything else was feeling forced. I have decided to scrap most of what I have written already and make this more of a middle grade novel not YA/Adult. I want to capture […]

Roche Harbor (ex.5)

“Richard is outside waiting to take us.” James announced two pieces of bacon in his hand and one dangling from his lips. “Let’s go if you want to get your tea in time to make first period.” “Where’d you get those?” “Your mom left them in the oven with some pancakes. I heated them up […]

Editing continues….

I have been editing a little bit lately, yes I have failed to do it regularly like I had promised. I am back on that horse again. I am inspired by this quote that Lacey London posted today on Twitter: It feels like what I am editing is a bunch of sand and the castles […]

Are there rules to writing magic?

I have been writing in the sci-fi/fantasy & supernatural genres for years now. No matter what I write i end up thinking, how can I make this, magical? I am still deep into the book that Orson Scott Card contributed to about writing sci-fi & fantasy and there is a section on “Rules of Magic”. As […]

Bugs attack- excerpt

Bob shook his head and walked back into the living room. He plopped himself back into his chair waiting for his dinner. ** After dinner was cleaned up and everything was ready for the next day. Benji laid down on his bed with the fan directly on him. He wore nothing, it was the only […]

Back on the editing wagon

Trancers excerpt- I edited this from the original post from 2 years ago. I was adopted. At age 6, I don’t remember anything before that. My first memory, waking up in a room filled with other kids my age. Waking up in a room with the feeling I wasn’t alone. It felt foreign, but I […]

How about a children’s book?

I think I have mentioned this before, but I am entertaining the idea of writing a children’s book. Why you may ask? Do I have children? Etc., etc. etc. I’ll answer the first question, I don’t know, but I had a cute idea. I think our cat is awesome and adorable and just the best, […]

Blast from the past (revisit Trancers)

I wrote this a long time ago and thought I’d start tooling around with it again. I think it’s just good to see it and see how my writing has evolved and hopefully improved. Introduction Sneak into people’s minds, creeping, peeking while they’re sleeping. I envision myself doing all sorts of things. Menial tasks such […]

Something new (an excerpt)

The hills were doing a number on the constable’s constitution. He had walked what was now no doubt the fifth mile to get to the spot. The messenger had ridden in first thing this morning, coming from Donwell Abbey. The gamekeeper had happened upon a grizzly scene. Jack, the messenger could barely get the words out when […]