Reading like a fiend!

I am reading so much lately and it feels so good! I have had to read a lot for school, but I am also taking the time to read for pleasure. I have read my book club book already, The Flamboya Tree by Clara Kelly. I highly recommend this book, it’s a fast read, but […]

Creative Juices

I feel like the creative juices are starting to churn. I hope the churning turns to flowing. I am staring down the last 4 days (of my 13 and a half year career) at this retail job, I am shocked that they are finally here! I am making every attempt to be productive and to […]

1st writers’ conference

Well, I did it! I went to Write on the Sound writers’ conference this past weekend and it was fantastic! I highly recommend it! It’s not only in a beautiful town right on the sound, but it’s affordable and had great presenters. I’m not going to write about each class in this post, but just […]

Being Productive

I am going to try something different this week. I am on vacation, staycation really. Actually a me-cation is more like it. This is the last time that I will be able to have a significant amount of time off work before the holidays. Working retail at the holidays is a little on the hellish […]

Writing Rhythm

What is you writing rhythm? That’s what Jordan Rosenfeld asking in her book A writer’s guide to persistence. She refers to an inner “momentum”. We’ve felt that before as writers, you just need to sit and create and you almost can’t stop. I love when those times hit, lately I find they hit while i am […]


I have been reading a book called A writer’s guide to persistence by Jordan Rosenfeld. It’s published by Writer’s Digest Books as are many of the writing books I seem to pick up. They have an excellent selection. I am one chapter in and feeling motivated to get my ass in gear. I love the no […]

Crafting & other arty endeavors

This has been my refuge for the last couple of years. When things aren’t going right or I am not feeling good, I craft. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I have a class tonight learning faux encaustic painting. We will be working with beeswax and gel medium. I am excited to add this […]

Toughening up

The task at hand is a simple one, but laden with many hurdles and with lots of doubt. I have been reading Zachary Petit’s book, The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing religiously and have been taking copious notes. I have been writing down story ideas as well. The one consistent thing that is happening, that always happens, […]

Journey to freelancing

I am trying to put a portfolio together, I have never done this before. I am hoping that it will lead to possible writing gigs and eventually to land a job in a different field. I have been referencing a few websites, The Everyday Writer is one of them, All Indie Writers is another. I […]

Finding Inspiration

“It takes courage. Trust your talent and your muse, and know that once you’ve formed a snowball, it’ll begin to roll. And who knows, with luck, it’ll turn into an avalanche.” – The essential guide to freelance writing by Zachary Petit   What a great quote and so inspiring! I am trying to focus on […]