Creative Juices

I feel like the creative juices are starting to churn. I hope the churning turns to flowing. I am staring down the last 4 days (of my 13 and a half year career) at this retail job, I am shocked that they are finally here! I am making every attempt to be productive and to […]

Writing Sci-Fi & Fantasy

My favorite class from the writers’ conference was by far writing sci-fi & fantasy by Philip Athans. He was engaging and informative, made the group laugh and everyone was eager to contribute to the discussion. Mr. Athans reminded up that writing isn’t about being the next J.K. Rowling, that will never happen. Harsh words, no, […]

1st writers’ conference

Well, I did it! I went to Write on the Sound writers’ conference this past weekend and it was fantastic! I highly recommend it! It’s not only in a beautiful town right on the sound, but it’s affordable and had great presenters. I’m not going to write about each class in this post, but just […]


i have been brainstorming lately for my Time Bear story. This is something that I haven’t done since middle/high school. I stopped using it for my personal writing, I thought it was “too time consuming” and prevented the flow of creativity that came from free writing. As i have matured in my writing and life, […]

Writing Rhythm

What is you writing rhythm? That’s what Jordan Rosenfeld asking in her book A writer’s guide to persistence. She refers to an inner “momentum”. We’ve felt that before as writers, you just need to sit and create and you almost can’t stop. I love when those times hit, lately I find they hit while i am […]

Keep calm & Camp NaNo on

It never fails that while editing, other ideas pop up and demand attention. While I have edited another 4 pages of my novel, A good place to land, I don’t feel like I am making real progress. Being that this is the first time I have seriously edited something. I am excited that Camp NaNoWriMo […]

The Daily Grind- flash fiction Tuesday

The Daily Grind “It’s not perfect, it’s not right!” “What do you mean it’s not right?” Alex asked, perplexed at her comment. “You see here, that seam is crooked.” Alex looked at the seam she was pointing at, it was straight. If he were to hold a level to it, it would be spot on. […]

Editing continues….

I have been editing a little bit lately, yes I have failed to do it regularly like I had promised. I am back on that horse again. I am inspired by this quote that Lacey London posted today on Twitter: It feels like what I am editing is a bunch of sand and the castles […]

What do you call fast?

In this whole world building adventure, the Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction book makes you think about what to call space travel, or more accurately do & how do the beings in your world move around. Simple question….but is it really? It has some sub-chapters on Hyperspace, generation ships, cryo-travel, warp speed and many others. It all feels […]