Time bear

Working on a little more description of Bernie’s life and apartment. A little free writing morning. Enjoy!   Bernie launched himself onto his bed, some leaves puffed out from the sack and floated onto his back. He rolled onto his back, his legs flopped to the sides. The light breeze coming in from the ventilation […]

Poetry Corner

Overwhelmed   Let it be done I want it finished. Can we move on? Begin again.   I try not to care Let myself down. Do I do that for all? I’ll try again.   Climbing on up clamoring on three more months I tell myself It’ll all be through.

Fantasy & Sci-Fi world building

I have started reading the book Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction book by Orson Scott Card, Philip Athans & Jay Lake. It’s one that in and of itself is an intimidating size. Running at 380+ pages not including the index of information on writing sci-fi/fantasy, but world building and steam punk, etc. I finally dived in […]

Blast from the past (revisit Trancers)

I wrote this a long time ago and thought I’d start tooling around with it again. I think it’s just good to see it and see how my writing has evolved and hopefully improved. Introduction Sneak into people’s minds, creeping, peeking while they’re sleeping. I envision myself doing all sorts of things. Menial tasks such […]

Something new (an excerpt)

The hills were doing a number on the constable’s constitution. He had walked what was now no doubt the fifth mile to get to the spot. The messenger had ridden in first thing this morning, coming from Donwell Abbey. The gamekeeper had happened upon a grizzly scene. Jack, the messenger could barely get the words out when […]

Bug’s attack….continuation

She heard a soft knock on the door and she froze in place. “Mom?” Relief washed over Martha, she pulled the door open to Benji. He looked her over and pulled her into a tentative hug. The tears came to her eyes again, the affection so overwhelming. “Are you ok?” She nodded her head, not […]

The Bugs Attack!

“Damn it Martha!” Bob’s face was beet red. “I am exhausted and to come home to this! Can’t I trust that you won’t do something stupid while I am gone?” Tears were falling down Martha’s face, she was embarrassed by what had happened and by Bob’s reaction. A light sheet was around her body, but […]

I’m gonna build a world of….something.

I write sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural stories mainly. It’s where my crazy brain goes, I feel like I have the most freedom in those genres. However, with it comes keeping the world I am creating straight. I have been a free writer since I was a little kid and it’s a damn hard habit to […]

New beginning

So I decided to change the protagonist in the Infestation story. Here goes…. After another day like the one before, Benji slammed the bathroom door, he was alone again. A breeze caught his sweaty skin, it was a welcome and glorious. Covered in sweat and grime and stinking to high heaven he had toiled for hours […]