Waiting Outside (WIP) No.2

“Monty! My friend, what are you doing here again?” Monty stiffened, he pulled his gaze away from the tv and met Vince’s cold eyes. “Hi Vince. I was just pa-passing by. Have a good day.” “Aww, that anyway to treat a old pal?” He grabbed the scruff of Monty’s coat and escorted him to the […]

WIP- That’s something

This was supposed to be an entry into the story contest at Write on the Sound, but I forgot about it and here’s what there is of this abandoned & unfinished story.   I killed her and I almost killed him too. This is my town, mine! I wasn’t going to let them ruin the […]

Flash Fiction Tuesday

Uncertainty   “Do you really think I should do it?” “I wouldn’t have said yes if I didn’t mean it.” He placed his hand on hers. Their fingers entwined and he gave hers an encouraging squeeze. “You”ll be fine.” She nodded. She could feel the tears welling in her eyes. “Ok?” “Ok.” “When will you […]

The Daily Grind- flash fiction Tuesday

The Daily Grind “It’s not perfect, it’s not right!” “What do you mean it’s not right?” Alex asked, perplexed at her comment. “You see here, that seam is crooked.” Alex looked at the seam she was pointing at, it was straight. If he were to hold a level to it, it would be spot on. […]

Bugs attack- excerpt

Bob shook his head and walked back into the living room. He plopped himself back into his chair waiting for his dinner. ** After dinner was cleaned up and everything was ready for the next day. Benji laid down on his bed with the fan directly on him. He wore nothing, it was the only […]

Bug’s attack….continuation

She heard a soft knock on the door and she froze in place. “Mom?” Relief washed over Martha, she pulled the door open to Benji. He looked her over and pulled her into a tentative hug. The tears came to her eyes again, the affection so overwhelming. “Are you ok?” She nodded her head, not […]

The Bugs Attack!

“Damn it Martha!” Bob’s face was beet red. “I am exhausted and to come home to this! Can’t I trust that you won’t do something stupid while I am gone?” Tears were falling down Martha’s face, she was embarrassed by what had happened and by Bob’s reaction. A light sheet was around her body, but […]

Infestation (new direction) installment

He had been bitten recently, it was horrific. His father happened to be nearby and had come running across the field. He knocked it off and torched it. He threw Benji’s helmet at him and stomped off back to his section. “Don’t take your fuckin’ helmet off again!” His voice was still loud and booming […]

New beginning

So I decided to change the protagonist in the Infestation story. Here goes…. After another day like the one before, Benji slammed the bathroom door, he was alone again. A breeze caught his sweaty skin, it was a welcome and glorious. Covered in sweat and grime and stinking to high heaven he had toiled for hours […]