Time Bear update

I realized the other day that writing Time Bear wasn’t fun anymore. I still loved the original story that started the journey, but everything else was feeling forced. I have decided to scrap most of what I have written already and make this more of a middle grade novel not YA/Adult. I want to capture […]

Time Bear Halloween

“What in the heck are you dressed as?” Ned stared at Bernie. He was surprised he could get those words out. “Isn’t it obvious?” Bernie posed, did a little runway walk and pivoted. He popped his head around and gave a growl. “That is the most frightening thing I have ever seen.” “Oh come on […]

Time Bear #36

“Bernie? It’s you isn’t it?” There was a flash of recognition and Bernie thought he was happy to see him, but that was quickly gone. It was replaced with anger, it oozed from him. Bernie took a step back, sniffing the air. It was familiar, he sniffed again and the scent of dirt, sweat and […]

Time Bear #35

When Bernie completed his first jump in the jump cave, Ned was ecstatic. He knew it would work, but getting confirmation was amazing. When Bernie returned ten minutes later in one piece he was even more elated. “Yeeesss!” Ned jumped onto the cat tree he recommissioned as his home away from home when he stayed […]

Time Bear #34

Koalas were a trustworthy marsupial and Ned enlisted many to set up on this lair. Bernie was trustworthy, but at this stage he would have been useless. Piece by piece they brought in the equipment on carts driven by yaks. Their large frames easily transported the electronics. They more than compensated for their small frames. […]

Time Bear #33

Bernie and Ned waited about 10 minutes after the goons headed back to HQ and Sarge. Ned had to talk Bernie down, but Bernie remained in attack mode which made descending a little easier. When he was finally on solid ground and at Ned’s secret “lair” as he called it, he collapsed. Ned threw water […]

Time Bear #32

They darted in; dodging tree after tree. They heard huffing behind them. “Bernie we’re going to have to go up!” “Ned, no please.” “They know you would never.” Bernie could feel the chills coming on at the thought. “I can’t.” “You have to, there’s no other choice.” Ned stopped and pushed Bernie toward the large […]

Time Bear #31

“Do you think it’s possible to sneak back in tonight and jump?” “Are you scatting kidding?” Ned shook his head. “Not a chance in heck!” “Then what’s the plan cause you’re walking very fast?” Bernie tried his best to keep up. “You’ll just have to wait and see.” Ned glanced at the store window they […]

Time Bear #30

“Ned, need to talk with you.” Ned was sitting inches from the monitor, searching for something. “Not now, Sarge has me planning the next jumps. Buried in work.” Ned looked up and saw the desperation in Bernie’s eyes. “Uh-oh. “We’re going rogue Ned.” “Rogue.” Ned choked out. “Oh scat! You’re joking right?” His small frame […]

Time Bear #29

“Oh no, please. Don’t mind me.” She smiled and looked at Bernie. “I’m Bernie.” He held out his paw to her. She shook it. “Ali. It’s nice to meet you.” “Ni-nice to me-eet you.” Bernie stuttered. “I come here t-to visit someone.” Bernie saw a shadow come across her face. Her eyes sparkled with tears. […]