Time Bear Halloween

“What in the heck are you dressed as?” Ned stared at Bernie. He was surprised he could get those words out. “Isn’t it obvious?” Bernie posed, did a little runway walk and pivoted. He popped his head around and gave a growl. “That is the most frightening thing I have ever seen.” “Oh come on […]

Winds of change

Bad weather is coming and everyone is “batten-ing down the hatches”, so to speak. A friend texted me that the local Costco was well over 10 thousand dollars due to the worry of the impending storm. I won’t let the weather dampen my spirit, no pun intended. I have 2 more days at work and by […]

Waiting Outside (WIP) No.2

“Monty! My friend, what are you doing here again?” Monty stiffened, he pulled his gaze away from the tv and met Vince’s cold eyes. “Hi Vince. I was just pa-passing by. Have a good day.” “Aww, that anyway to treat a old pal?” He grabbed the scruff of Monty’s coat and escorted him to the […]

Waiting outside (WIP) No.1

This is taking too much time, he thought. Looking around to see if anyone notice him swaying back and forth, he stopped when the hot dog vendor stopped mid squirt of ketchup. He gave him a half smile and tried to lean against the side of the building nonchalantly. A rounded column met him and […]

Writing Sci-Fi & Fantasy

My favorite class from the writers’ conference was by far writing sci-fi & fantasy by Philip Athans. He was engaging and informative, made the group laugh and everyone was eager to contribute to the discussion. Mr. Athans reminded up that writing isn’t about being the next J.K. Rowling, that will never happen. Harsh words, no, […]

WIP- That’s something

This was supposed to be an entry into the story contest at Write on the Sound, but I forgot about it and here’s what there is of this abandoned & unfinished story.   I killed her and I almost killed him too. This is my town, mine! I wasn’t going to let them ruin the […]

Time Bear #36

“Bernie? It’s you isn’t it?” There was a flash of recognition and Bernie thought he was happy to see him, but that was quickly gone. It was replaced with anger, it oozed from him. Bernie took a step back, sniffing the air. It was familiar, he sniffed again and the scent of dirt, sweat and […]

Time Bear #35

When Bernie completed his first jump in the jump cave, Ned was ecstatic. He knew it would work, but getting confirmation was amazing. When Bernie returned ten minutes later in one piece he was even more elated. “Yeeesss!” Ned jumped onto the cat tree he recommissioned as his home away from home when he stayed […]

Time Bear #34

Koalas were a trustworthy marsupial and Ned enlisted many to set up on this lair. Bernie was trustworthy, but at this stage he would have been useless. Piece by piece they brought in the equipment on carts driven by yaks. Their large frames easily transported the electronics. They more than compensated for their small frames. […]