My week…

I wrote my first essay in 20+ years. Seems like I would have written one somewhere in that time frame, but I never did. I had to write a Literacy Narrative essay. It was to be about a significant time in my life relating to reading or writing. I chose writing obviously! I thought that […]

Glorious Friday

Today marks the 1st Friday in 14 years that I am not working retail! I am dubbing it Glorious Friday! I don’t know if anyone else had called it that, but I don’t care! Glorious Friday! How did I celebrate this? Not shopping I can tell you that! I celebrated with my husband by watching […]

Time Bear update

I realized the other day that writing Time Bear wasn’t fun anymore. I still loved the original story that started the journey, but everything else was feeling forced. I have decided to scrap most of what I have written already and make this more of a middle grade novel not YA/Adult. I want to capture […]

Time Bear Halloween

“What in the heck are you dressed as?” Ned stared at Bernie. He was surprised he could get those words out. “Isn’t it obvious?” Bernie posed, did a little runway walk and pivoted. He popped his head around and gave a growl. “That is the most frightening thing I have ever seen.” “Oh come on […]

Reading like a fiend!

I am reading so much lately and it feels so good! I have had to read a lot for school, but I am also taking the time to read for pleasure. I have read my book club book already, The Flamboya Tree by Clara Kelly. I highly recommend this book, it’s a fast read, but […]


Perhaps I should have said, I am taking a break tomorrow. I completely forgot to post anything today like I promised, so here I am frantically writing something. I was so distracted because I hadn’t received the results of my first assessment for my very first class. I was in a funk all morning, I […]

Roche Harbor (ex.6)

Marianna was sitting at her desk reading World without End. “Straying from the classics I see?” Mariana smiled. “If we limit ourselves to the classics, we fail to recognize new classics in our midst.” “Like Sam’s magnum opus.” James stated as he took his usual seat next to Sam. “Speaking of, how did the writing […]

Roche Harbor (ex. 4)

“You mean you’re all nosey as hell.” “That’s a rude way of saying it, but yes. Nosey is about right.” Sam smiled at him. “Perhaps you should call your mother as well and let her know that you are spending the afternoon at the Coen’s. SHe will be worried will she not?” Sam scowled. “I […]

Roche Harbor (ex. 3)

The car was already there when Sam arrived. James had left the door open and Sam hopped in before the wind blew the rain sideways into the car. “Miss Samantha. How are you this morning?” Richard, their driver, butler and all around handler asked. “Peachy keen, Richie my boy.” Richard smirked and pulled out of […]